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Writing Sites:

These are some of my favorite sites that have been extremely helpful with my own writing.

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Favorite Authors:

Piers Anthony

Author of the Xanth novels

Diane Duane

Author of the Young Wizard novels

Erin Hunter

Author of the Warriors novels

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Author of the Dark-Hunter novels

Mercedes Lackey

Author of the Valdemar novels

Tamora Pierce

Author of the Protector of the Small quartet

Web Comics:

I have discovered web comics!  These are a few of my favorites.

DMFA is a furry comic.  It has sharp pointy objects, magic, and an overly cute kangaroo rat.  Join Dan as he copes with discovering his heritage as an Incubus.

Alien Dice, Shivae, and Akaelae are done by the same person.  Romance, the struggle to survive or to adapt, likeable underdogs -- these comics have it all.

The story of Randy, a fox and animal actor living with humans, and Cindy, a wild fox.  Will romance ever work between the two?  Randy's meddling animal friends sometimes make things better, but most of the time worse.

What can I say?  Cats are funny!