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Reviews for DragonSpeaker

A good dragon story, December 28, 2005
Reviewer: S V SWAMY "swamy-reviews" (Hyderabad, India)
DragonSpeaker (it is written together in Amazon's site, though the book cover shows the two words separately) is a book for the child in each of us. It is a story of magic, of fire-breathing dragons (they breathe fire to scare baddies and they also use the fire to roast apples!) and how a small girl of 10 is called to save them from extinction. Jamie Mathews is a DragonSpeaker, one who can speak with dragons. She is consistently called through dreams to her true purpose of life and is helped by her grandma, who beleives in magic. She goes out on the adventure accompanied by a bully called Billy, who ends up becoming her friend.

When Jamie unites the tear drop pendant with the original stone of Magic from which it has come out, she discovers her oneness with the mountain and thus the whole world. She is also united with her parents, who disappeared earlier. The book conveys a deep spiritual message to each of us, that we all need to discover our true mission in life and fulfill the same to achieve happiness. It also conveys the idea that the magic in our life will be restored when we become whole and complete.

The book is well written and appeals to children of all ages. I liked this book about saving of dragons as opposed to the others dealing with slaying of dragons.

An excellent, suspenseful read, December 15, 2005
Reviewer: Spamola 
What a great story! Any child who is interested in magic and imagines communicating with dragons as friends will love this book. Ten-year-old Jamie is easy to identify with as an ordinary girl and as a hero on an exciting quest. It reminds me of fantasy-adventure stories I used to love as a kid. It also grabbed me as an adult. I hope it will be widely read.

(Spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. as written)

Dear Ms. Chipman
Thank you for writing Dragon Speaker, I like the part where Kalas Grandmather gave her the Dragon tear to go help the Dragons. coold you write a nether book. my Favorite people in the book a Kayla, Jaime, Scorch. I also the Dwellers thay talk funy. coold you write a book about happy patricks day and school our a book about your self for the school an help the community.
Dear Ms. Chipman,
I really like the book Dragon Speaker. I think you put a lot of persomality into it. My favorite part is whan Jaime Grandmemother give her the tear and Jaime know she has to find her parents. My favorite characters is Jaime because she has a lot of part's in the story. how did you git the idea of the Dragon Speaker.
Your friend Gabriella
Dear Ms. Chipman,
Thank you for writing the book Dragon Speaker. That is a good book as in my opinion. My favorite part was at the end of the book it was when her parents appeared. I like it when grandmother opened the magice cobord.
From Jenna
Dear Ms. Chipman,
Thank you for leting Mrs. Myers read us Dragon Speaker. It's a great book and my favorite part is when they find out that Billy was follow them. you should make another book of Dragon Speaker. your a great author keep it up.
From Shyanne
Dear Ms. Chipman,
When my teacher (Mrs. Myers) read your book Dragon Speaker it was really interesting. I was wondering if you can do me a favor? Make a sequal to Dragon Speaker. What was your favorite part of Dragon Speaker? Mine was when Jaime put the Tear of the Dragon on the stone and saw her parents. Also I was wondering where can I buy your book Dragon Speaker? So what encouraged you to name Jaime, Jaime? I also liked that it was semishort because that way you don't loose interest. Dragon Speaker was a really good book.
Sincerly Jeremy
Dear Ms. Chipman,
My favorite part of the book is when Jaime finds Scorch, and when Bill goes and finds the chip in the wall.
from Victoria
Dear Ms. Chipman
I enjoyed the book Dragon Speaker. My favrite charecter is Scorch because he goes in alot of edventurs. i like the story because i like Dragons and dinosaurs. but i like Dragons better.
PS your best freind Uriel
Dear Ms. Chipman
Your book called Dragon Speaker was very good.  my favorites are, Kayla, Billy, Jaime, and schorch. I enjoyed your book very much I think you sould write a sequal. I personally think you should.
sincerely, Taylor
Dear Ms. Chipman
I love your book Dragon Speaker! My favriote part was when Jamie found her parents and she got to keep Scorch. I think your book you made was great! Your thoughts are better then mine. When Mrs. Myers read it to us we wanted her to read 2 chapters because every one liked Dragon Speaker. I think you where working hard on it and I think that you did your best. I really enjoyed Dragon Speaker a lot and I think your a wonderful auther. While Mrs. Myers was reading the book your thoughts made me see pictures in my mind of whats happening in the story. I think you did super
Your friend Alexa
Dear Ms. Chipman,
We like your book. It was really interesting. You should make a Dragon speaker II so you could tell about what happends when her parents come home. I wish you could come and see us. If you could that would be great. Mrs. Myers read the book to us and when she stoped reading one chapter we all said no because we really liked your book. I hope you could write all of us a letter an Mrs. Myers can read it to us. We talk about how great your books are. Everyone still wants you to make a second book and we always tell Mrs. Myers to read the story again. My favorite part was when the stone qpeared her parents.
sincerely, Lindsey
p.s. Thanks for writing the book.
Dear Ms. Cipman,
Thank you for writing Dragon Speaker. It was a really neat book. My favorit person is scorch because he is faunny. I think you should write a sequel of the book. I think the book is intresting book. My favorite part is when Jamie puts the Tear of tear of the Dragon in the Magice stone becase it makes her parents appear. how did you think of writing the book?
Sincerely, Sierra
Dear Ms. Chipman,
you'r book was really interesting. I liked the part wen the Grandmother gives Jaime the tear of the Daragon, and wen Jaime wen't on a jouney to find here parents. them at last I liked the part wen she finds her parends that is the best part for me and also I tink you choud write a sequel because it was really a good book.
Sincerely, Kathia
Dear Ms. Chipman,
Dragon Speaker is a interesting book. My favorit part is when Kayla, Billy, Jaime, and Scorch go throgh the cave with the Dragon light. My favorit characters are Jaime, Scorch, and Kayla. I think you sould wirt a sequel. I like Dragon Speaker.
Your frend Avery
Dear Ms. Chipman,
Thank you for writing Dragon Speaker. My favorites are Scorch and Jamie and Kayla and the Dragon and most of all the shiny crystal I enjoyed I think you should have Dragon Speaker Two
From your fernd Jerry
Dear Mr. Chipman,
thank you for writeing Dragon Speaker. I like your book my faveorite part is when the stone made the parents disappeared. Your a good author. How did you come up with the idea of writeing Dragon Speaker? Do you like Dragons? I like Dragons.
Your friend Jared
Dear Mrs. Chipman,
I like the Dwellers beacuse I like how they talk and also how you explained what they look like. I think Dragon Speaker is an intresting book. I think you should make a sequel.
Your friend Trevin
Dear Ms. Chipman,
I really like your book Dragon Speaker. I was wondering how you got the idiya? My favorite part is when she was praying so that the baby dragon could be born. I all so whated to know is that you on the cover?... or is it Jaime? I think you put a lot of work in this book. I think you should make a squel. How did you come up with all the characters and how did you come up with the name Dragon Speaker. Mrs. Meyers told the class that you like dragons. I all so like the part when Jaime found her parents.
Sincerely Shelbi
Dear Ms. Chipman,
Thank you for writing the Book. I think it was the best book i ever red. I think you should writ another book.
Your friend, Duncan
Dear Ms. Chipman,
Thank you for writing Dragon Speaker all of our class loved it I think your book is really good your personality can you make a second book I liked the par
Your freind Diana


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