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Inuyasha Fanfiction

General Disclaimer: All of the Inuyasha characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi. I'm just borrowing them for my own amusement.
Be sure to check out the fanart for "The Babysitter" and "Attack of the Plunnies!"

The Babysitter 
 Kagome agrees to help out Sango when Kohaku falls ill. She'll take Sango's babysitting job in exchange for a big favor sometime. Only one problem, Sango forgot to tell Kagome who she's babysitting for. Will it be love or hate at first sight?
The Secret
A half-heard secret becomes a rumor and Kagome’s friends interfere with the best of intentions. Things quickly go from bad to worse with everyone jumping to the wrong conclusion.


The cleverest thieves start young, but sometimes the greatest crime is an accident.  Some things are just too sparkly to resist.

Part I

Part II

Attack of the Plunnies!
Beware of anything pink!


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